Kandeyce Jorden left a fashion merchandising career in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles to act. Her decision to act was more of an exploration of her abilities than a career decision. She certainly didn’t expect to get a starring role in Miguel Arteta’s STAR MAPS, but that’s exactly what happened, and earned her acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, and from there she acted in several more films and commercials.

Simultaneously, Kandeyce began to see filmmaking as more than her own performance, and she turned to directing and editing her own films. Her short film, UNDONE, won first prize at the NoDance Film Festival in 2001. She has also directed LAYOVER, and erotic and charming story for Skyy Vodka. Currently, she’s finishing a feature documentary, GIRL, about top club DJ Sandra Collins.

In addition, she has expanded her visual medium to include painting and mixed media. Click HERE to see Kandeyce’s art website.

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